Meet Lindsay

Oh, hello there – I’m Lindsay. I’m a contemporary dancer turned attorney and fitness enthusiast. Over the last six years I ran, climbed, stretched, hiked, lifted, swam, and challenged myself in search of the most efficient and fun fitness regiments out there. It hasn’t always been easy to find the time to squeeze in fitness, but whether it’s fifteen minutes of yoga in my hotel room or an hour of lifting at the gym, I make it a priority to find at least some time each day to commit to my health – ultimately it makes me a better attorney, spouse, parent, and most importantly, a better me. Join me on this journey and commit to fit.


Alarm rings. Stumble out of bed. Drink your coffee while juggling your files and your sanity. Spill your coffee while juggling your files and your patience. Battle traffic. Lose the battle. Walk into the office only to realize your laptop is at home. Welcome to our daily lives.

You’re busy! We get it. How are you supposed to have time to workout or stay healthy when you barely have time to breathe? Answer – LegallyFit.

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We do the work so you don’t have to.