An Attitude of Gratitude

By Lindsay Rabicoff • June 17, 2015

There are weeks that everything goes according to plan and then there are weeks that do not. For me, this week has been one of the later.

A number of you have asked for a post about how to fit it all in – killing it at work, committing to health, and keeping your life on track. While I promise to write about how I (try to) do that in the near future, this week I wanted to take a slight detour from physical fitness and share something to help get through the days that seem busier, crazier, and wilder than the norm. Something for your mental fitness.

For many of us our careers are go-go-go, be the best, rise to the top. Then we try and hit the gym with the same mentality and pressure. Society places significant emphasis on being the best – commanding us to push harder, dive deeper, and go past our perceived limits. It can be plain exhausting and leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Today I am issuing each of you a challenge.

A few months ago I started feeling the pressures that so many of us do. I was working an insane amount of hours, trying to balance work and family, and was just exhausted. I needed to realign with what was really important. As a busy attorney, parent, and human, my days were so filled that I was losing sight of the little moments that make life worthwhile . . . so, I started a gratitude journal.

At least once a week for the last six months, I end my day writing about one thing I am grateful for (with really fun markers). What started coming out onto the paper surprised me – my entries ranged from “driving with the windows down” to “unsolicited ‘I love yous’ from my son.” What surprised me even more was how this simple part of my routine dramatically changed my outlook and improved my mental well-being. Now, on the way to work (during my 45 minute commute) I start the day with three things I am grateful for – challenging myself to focus the day and start it on a positive foot as well.

Too often as busy people juggling careers and life, we get caught up in survival and miss the moments that really matter. So I challenge each of you to start or end each day with one piece of gratitude. I think you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your health, happiness, and overall wellness.

As the Most Interesting Man in the World would say . . . “Stay grateful my friends.”