For the last 2 years I have been on a hunt – a hunt for the perfect gym bag. A bag that not only can carry my work clothes and shower supplies for the post-workout, pre-work preparation session, but a bag that could keep my workout equipment and life organized.

Enter ‘The Original’ King Kong Bag 3.0 from King Kong Apparel.

It’s been a little more than a week since I’ve started using ‘The Original’ King Kong Bag 3.0 and it has been awesome. I’ve brought it to Crossfit, yoga, into the office – it has literally been everywhere.

My favorite part is the bag’s design, which is strategically planned to keep you organized and help you access what you need quickly. The front of the bag has three separate pockets – a middle zippered pouch that is perfect for holding your keys and wallet securely during your workout and two velcro pockets to keep things you need readily accessible during your workout.

For me, I put my keys and wallet in the zipper pouch so that I know exactly where they are when it is time to head to work. The right velcro pocket is perfect for carrying my Crossfit gear, such as my wrist wraps, jump rope, and grip strengthening gear. On the left side, I carry everything I need for my morning running sessions, including my headphones, SPIbelt Running Belt, calf compression sleeves, and Road ID. Honestly, this organizational layout has been lifechanging. No longer do I need to dig around the bottom of my bag searching for exactly what I need (which, no joke, used to occur on a daily basis).

One side of the bag has two separate zip pouches that can hold up to 4 pairs of shoes – perfect to hold my running shoes, Crossfit shoes, lifting shoes, and work heels for the day. It is the first bag that I have owned that can fit all of my shoes and keep them protected. Plus, there are ventilation holes in the side to ensure that your shoes (and bag) stay fresh. In fact, there are strategically placed ventilation holes all over the bag to ensure that the entire thing (and all of its compartments) stay stink free (yay!).

King Kong Bag 3.0 Compartments

The bag can fit up to four pairs of shoes – amazing for those of us who do multiple types of workouts.

The other side of the bag contains two mesh pockets – perfect for holding your phone or protein shaker and to allow for quick access. I use the mesh pockets for my protein shaker and to allow my flip flops to air dry after my post-workout shower.

King Kong Bag 3.0 Mesh Pockets

Side mesh pockets are perfect for anything you want to have ready to grab – I use it to store my post-workout meal (aka protein shake).

Inside, there is plenty of room to hold anything else you may need to carry. The main pocket is where I stash my make-up and hair styling tools (gents, you will have WAY more room than you need). Seriously, the amount of space in this bag is un-flippin-believable.

King Kong Bag 3.0 Shoe Storage

Although the shoe storage area takes up some space, there is still plenty of room to carry anything else you need.


Although it is a large bag, ‘The Original’ King Kong Bag 3.0 does not feel unduly cumbersome. If you are looking for a high quality bag that will keep you, your workout gear, and your work preparation garb organized, ‘The Original’ King Kong Bag 3.0 is for you. One thing I will say about the bag is that it is a little large to carry around. I lugged it into yoga one day and felt as though my bag was three times the size of other bags in the room, but I carry a lot of things with me so I need the space. If you are looking for something smaller or to just keep your work life organized, check out King Kong Apparel’s Rucksack 25L – its the next bag I plan on checking out.

After just over a week with my new bag, I can officially say I am a King Kong Apparel fan for life.

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