Every now and then, I have the opportunity to take a lunch. No, I am not talking about sitting at my desk while scarfing down a pre-planned meal, but rather, an opportunity to take an hour out of the day to leave the office. Some of these days I spend networking at luncheons or seminars. Other days I decide to go to yoga.

Just a half a mile from my office is a yoga studio that offers a “lunch hour power hour” yoga class from 12:00 to 1:00. The class is unheated, so I get a little sweaty, but not enough where I need a shower to go back to work. The days I seize this opportunity are always filled with a more productive afternoon and a better state of mind. When you have the opportunity to take a lunch, I challenge you to go to the gym or find a local yoga studio with a similar class or hitting the gym for an hour. It’s amazing how taking that one hour for yourself can change your day – plus, no one will wonder where you are since it is over the lunch hour!